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Julie Line

Julie Line is a professional photographer with more than 30 years experience and specializes in food photography. When asked why she states simply: “It’s my passion.” A passion she says began with her work on a God’s Kitchen cookbook.

She doesn’t like to talk about herself much. When complimented on her beautiful photos, she is quick to point out that food photography is a collaborative effort between food stylist, chef, art director and photographer. “However,” she added: “food can be beautifully prepared and styled, but if the photography sucks, it’s just flat.”

Julie’s self-described ‘unorthodox style’ was created and honed over the years. Her diverse collection of props and her penchant for placing them in the background has earned her the moniker “The queen of crap in the back.” It’s those meticulously-placed background accents that fade out but add just the right amount of sparkle to the finished photo, explained Line. With a perfectionist’s attention to detail, Line is serious about lighting. Lets just say that in a super-hero world, her skill would be “light-bender.”

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