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Robert Neumann

Robert Neumann has been capturing images his entire life.

With or without a camera by his side, Bob has an innate sense of storytelling from experiences criss-crossing the country several times. As an individual that can relate that story to film or file, Bob ’sees’ what the story is suppose to convey, tell, and inspire.

All those years of affixing the lens and his sensibilities towards catching that perfect imagery. Bob also has been intensely successful by working with clients willing to see his minds’ eye to catching those ‘perfect’ moments of plain folk eager to tell their story.

Being a student of life and it’s visual surroundings has made for volumes of memorable events and photographs. With this array of visions and views on everyday American ways, Bob helps to firmly plant visuals in our psyche that live with us like a pictorial quilt of Americana.

Bob brings himself to every series or session, and it shows up in the photography he imbues. A trait that can only be corralled with eyes wide open at all life’s moments. An by stitching together a lifetimes’ worth of work already that resonates with so many, it’s no wonder Bob has been coined as the guy that has been telling us and showing us how to weave the American fabric, we call home. 

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